The Right Facility Needs the Right Equipment


In the last blog post, I talked about how important it is to set up a mental facility, where groups of people can gather and trade ideas about mental health and clarity, I have definitely been at that stage in my life where you need all of those things to stay active and prepared, but when it comes to making your mind sharp and operating at the highest level, you have to understand that all the little factors begins to matter.

For example when you walk into a room, especially in a mental enhancement clinic, the temperature has to be just right. If its too warm the mind can get cozy, comfortable & lazy. If its too cold, it can become hyper active. The best is slightly below skin temperature, you definitely want to ERR on the side of being bit chilly than being too warm.

Last summer our main AC unit went bust, and it was a mess, we had to ask all of our friends on how to find good air conditioning company, and  with one more conditioning we wanted a company that is providing ac repair free estimate as we were on a budget and we didn’t know if we should wait till the month after, after all the bills have been paid.

Fortunately for us we got a really good price and while we were getting the quote, we had a really hot day and we thought we might sizzle alive in the house that’s how hot it got, and we were simply like “that’s it, we have to get it fixed ASAP NOW”

So that’s exactly what we did, the technicians came with a truck carrying great brands like bryant & rheem already so the choice was easy to make right on the spot. So they went to work for us and it worked out great because we had a nice chilly room in matter of couple hours and so glad we didn’t wait and suffer for another month to get it repaired.

For the cost of having a functioning mind that is sharp and on point, for more than a month will most definitely make up for the cost by allowing us to be more productive and go & make more revenue.

That’s all for now.

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