New Age Myths about Mental Health

Myths about mental illness create a false perception that causes stigmatization of people suffering from mental illness. It is important to understand mental illness to avoid worsening the health of a mentally ill person. Improper handling of mentally sick persons can cause suicide or homicide. Unfortunately, there are new age myths about mental health that restrain the recovery of mental patients.

Here are the new age myths about mental health that need to be dispelled.

mental health

Mental Illness is Permanent

Most people believe that persons with mental diseases cannot recover and can lose themselves if they fight their mental vulnerabilities. This is a false myth as some people recover completely from mental illness. Additionally, taking steps against mental illness can only help the patient rather than worsen their mental condition. However, mentally ill persons require support to recover fully.

Mentally Ill Persons are Violent

One of the leading causes of stigma on the mentally ill is the false belief that they are violent and unpredictable. This myth isolates the mentally ill, causes depression and loneliness that worsens their mental health. Mentally ill are no more violent than healthy persons and often the most violent people do not suffer from mental conditions. Additionally, mental health seldom causes violence.

Teens and Children are Resistant to Mental Diseases

The reason many people care less about the mental health of their children is because they believe that mental illness affects adults only. The fact is that approximately 20% of children and teens suffer from mental illness. Early identification of signs of mental illness in children and adolescents is vital for proper and successful treatment. Early detection is also essential in preventing the disease from inhibiting the development of the teenager.

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