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How Bad Peers Can Compromise your Mental Health

Your peers influence how you think, dress, and interact with others. Bad peer pressure denies you freedom of thought and compels you to act according to the wishes of your peer group. Negative peer pressure can lead to poor decision-making and drug abuse that deteriorates your mental health. Avoiding bad peer pressure is essential for your mental health.

The following are the ways that bad peers can compromise your mental health.

Poor Decision-Making

Peer pressure takes over your willpower and depletes your ability to make important life decisions. Your decision-making tends to be inclined towards what is acceptable among the peers because you value what they think of you rather than what you think about yourself. This deteriorates your self-discipline and exposes you to harmful and life threatening habits. Bad peer pressure may cause anxiety because you are always concerned about the opinion of others and fear of going against the popular opinion. It also makes you unhappy because your actions do not satisfy your wishes. This can lead to suicide due to lack of satisfaction with life.

Cultivation of Bad Habits

You are likely to do things that you dislike due to the influence of peer pressure. Bad peer pressure makes you adapt to the lifestyle of your peers that may include bad habits. The peer pressure may introduce you to substance abuse in an attempt to fit in and be like the others. You are also likely to party every weekend and expose yourself to sexually transmitted infections due to irresponsible sexual behavior. Bad peer pressure increases your frequency of drinking alcohol or smoking. In fact, bad peer pressure is one of the leading factors of drug addiction.

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