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Your peers influence how you think, dress, and interact with others. Bad peer pressure denies you freedom of thought and compels you to act according to the wishes of your peer group. Negative peer pressure can lead to poor decision-making and drug abuse that deteriorates your mental health. Avoiding bad peer pressure is essential for your mental health.

The following are the ways that bad peers can compromise your mental health.

Poor Decision-Making

Peer pressure takes over your willpower and depletes your ability to make important life decisions. Your decision-making tends to be inclined towards what is acceptable among the peers because you value what they think of you rather than what you think about yourself. This deteriorates your self-discipline and exposes you to harmful and life threatening habits. Bad peer pressure may cause anxiety because you are always concerned about the opinion of others and fear of going against the popular opinion. It also makes you unhappy because your actions do not satisfy your wishes. This can lead to suicide due to lack of satisfaction with life.

Cultivation of Bad Habits

You are likely to do things that you dislike due to the influence of peer pressure. Bad peer pressure makes you adapt to the lifestyle of your peers that may include bad habits. The peer pressure may introduce you to substance abuse in an attempt to fit in and be like the others. You are also likely to party every weekend and expose yourself to sexually transmitted infections due to irresponsible sexual behavior. Bad peer pressure increases your frequency of drinking alcohol or smoking. In fact, bad peer pressure is one of the leading factors of drug addiction.

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mental health

Mental health refers to your psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Mental health affects how you think, feel, and act in your daily activities. The deterioration of mental health causes mental illness, a disorder that destroys your behavior, thinking, and mood. Mental illness is caused by anxiety, depression, stress, and junk food. Junk foods contain a high concentration of fat, sugar, and sodium that causes obesity and worsens your mental health.

Let us discuss how junk food affects your mental health.

Food and brain function

You need a proper diet to maintain your mental health. Furthermore, your brain requires essential fatty acids to enhance the structure of neurons. 20% of fat in your brain consists of Omega- 3 and omega-6 fatty acids. An imbalance of these essential fatty acids causes mental disorders. Studies show that most junk foods contain excess omega-6 fatty acids that destroy the balance of fat in the brain that results in poor memory and concentration. Besides, junk foods contain trans-fat that displaces omega fatty acids in the brain thus causing a change in chemicals responsible for mental conditions like anxiety.

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Junk Food and Brain Size

The hippocampus is a part of the brain that maintains good mental health, learning, and memory. Eating junk food adversely affects the hippocampus. Eating junk food reduces the size of your brain. Reduction in brain size due to consumption of junk food causes mental disorders and is the leading cause of disability in the world. Some of the risks associated with decreased brain size include anxiety, dementia, and depression. You should substitute junk food for a balanced diet.

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mental health

One of the best ways of exercising your skills and knowledge of mental health is by establishing a mental health facility. However, there are a number of factors that you need to consider if you want to make the facility reputable. To cut a long story short, consider the factors below when planning to establish the facility.

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To save your clients time and money that they would have spent driving, establish the facility close to your target audience. To do this, you will need to do some background research, and this is the hardest part for most new health facilities. Luckily, there are research companies that you can hire to do it for you.


Apart from your facility been close to your audience, it also needs to be easily accessible for the main transport networks such as road and rail. You can also go a step further and create a website to offer remote mental health services to clients from all across the globe.

Modern Equipment

Set aside part of your capital to purchase modern equipment to help you offer nothing but the best mental health services. When shopping for them, make sure that you invest in one that can do more than one procedure to help expound your services.

Finally, hire people to help you do some of the tasks in the facility such as cleaning. You also need to hire a professional and legally accredited HVAC company to install and maintain AC and other cooling systems in the facility.

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In the previous article, we looked at the various hacks you can use to improve your productivity. Here are additional tricks that you can apply to achieve even better results. Note that you will not notice a change immediately, but you will in the long run.


Try Aromatherapy

Surprisingly, scents can boost your mental performance as the foods mentioned above. One of the strongest mental senses is smell and can manipulate your mental performance. Some scents are connected to the regions of the brain that process emotions and learning. Exposure to particular senses can enhance your productivity by calming your mind thus increasing focus and productivity. Lemon, herbs and citrus have scents that increase mental attentiveness and invigorate senses that calm the mind and improves your productivity. Rosemary eliminates physical exhaustion while cinnamon enhances concentration and focus. Additionally, peppermint allows your mind to think clearly.


Exercising not only aids in weight management but also boosts your mental productivity. Fortunately, increasing your cognitive functioning does not require strenuous exercises. Simple exercises like walking, stretching increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and provide the necessary energy for excellent mental performance. Exercising also improves your memory by reversing the drop in your memory capabilities.

These steps guarantee improved performance at work and school. The above hacks calm your mind, lower stress and enhance your memory and learning capabilities. Eating the mental-boosting diets, exercising, and aromatherapy enhance your focus and productivity. You also need to plan and maintain a positive mentality to boost your productivity.

mental health

Just like other facets of personal health, your mental health is dependent on the type of foods that you consume on a day to day basis. Having a balanced diet is crucial to enhancing and keeping your brain active and productive.

Here are foods that you incorporate in your diet to promote your mental health.



They are packed with dietary fibers that will enhance digestion thereby promoting absorption of essential nutrients that your brain needs to function optimally from the foods that you consume.


They are not only rich in healthy fats, but also fatty acids that are well known for their ability to promote mental health. By eating nuts on a daily basis, you will reduce your risk of various mental health complications such as memory loss later on in life. Note that memory loss is a common problem among the seniors in the society but if the necessary measures are not taken, we could start to see the same problem among the youth.


Just like fruits, they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers that will enhance your mental health and overall wellness. Some of the best green vegetables that you should eat in plenty every week include Kales, broccoli, spinach, and the list continues. There is no shortage of cooking ideas that you can use to prepare them but make sure that you store them well to preserve their freshness.

Use the above foods to promote your mental health. Also hire a professional HVAC company to keep your AC and other related appliances working optimally to keep your indoor air quality high.


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One of the surest ways of promoting your mental health is by hiring a professional mental health expert. There are hundreds if not thousands of them in the world so finding the right one will not really be a problem if you have some bit of research skills.

Here are factors to consider when hiring a mental health expert.

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Choose a mental health expert who has been operating for more than an year or so. Such personnel have the skills and experience required to offer world class mental health services as they have a deep understanding of the various conditions that people face and how they can be resolved.

Legal Accreditation

Never hire a mental health expert who is not legally accredited. For one to get a license, he or she has to meet the set requirements and prove that he is committed and determined to provide the best services to their clients.


You need to consider the cost of the services that will be offered to know if you have the financial capability at the moment. You might find that you do not need some of the services, in such cases, you can decide to seek them at a later date when you have the cash. However, crucial services such as counseling should be offered at the recommended time.

Finally, choose a facility that is easily accessible. For instance, choose one that is close to your residential area or business premises.

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One of the best ways of gauging your mental health is by how well to concentrate in class or at work. Today we will look at some golden tips on how to improve your concentration.


Sleep Well

You need to ensure that you sleep for at least 8 hours a day. This is according to countless research studies that were conducted in various parts of the world. While asleep, your body gets time to rejuvenate and prepare well for the next day. Your brain on the other hand gets a golden opportunity to digest what you have been doing through the day and help you make better decisions the following day if you made a couple wrong ones.

Eat Right

The type of foods that you eat can either improve your concentration or make you lose your concentration. If you are involved in stressful tasks such as work, ensure that your body is well hydrated by drinking enough water during the day. Often times, junk foods just slow down the thinking process so avoid them like a plague. Also, ensure that you eat enough vegetables to meet your requirement of dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins.

Finally, make sure that you take part in physical activities to promote flow of blood to your brain. You should also take part in games that challenge your brain such as chess, cards, mobile games, and the list continues.

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First, I would like to thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to visit our blog. We are a team of professionals who are committed and determined to providing you with accurate and implementable information about mental health. We have been doing this for many years, so you can be sure that each post that we make or suggestion is scientifically proven.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should take good care of your mental health.

mental health

Improve Concentration

Poor mental health will render you incapable of concentrating in class, at home, or at your work place for long. This will in turn have a negative impact on your productivity and increase your chances of getting fired from your workplace. Taking care of your mental health will help in ensuring that your concentration is always upbeat.

Personal Wellness

You might not know this but it is utterly important, your mental health has a direct impact on your personal wellness. So, taking positive steps towards improving your mental health will help in improving your personal wellness. The people will also notice some change in how you conduct yourself once you start working on your mental health.

Finally, mental health will lower your risk of various cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and weight gain. This is mainly because you will be in a better position to make informed and sober decisions about your life.