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Additional Quick Mind Hacks for Promoting Productivity

In the previous article, we looked at the various hacks you can use to improve your productivity. Here are additional tricks that you can apply to achieve even better results. Note that you will not notice a change immediately, but you will in the long run.


Try Aromatherapy

Surprisingly, scents can boost your mental performance as the foods mentioned above. One of the strongest mental senses is smell and can manipulate your mental performance. Some scents are connected to the regions of the brain that process emotions and learning. Exposure to particular senses can enhance your productivity by calming your mind thus increasing focus and productivity. Lemon, herbs and citrus have scents that increase mental attentiveness and invigorate senses that calm the mind and improves your productivity. Rosemary eliminates physical exhaustion while cinnamon enhances concentration and focus. Additionally, peppermint allows your mind to think clearly.


Exercising not only aids in weight management but also boosts your mental productivity. Fortunately, increasing your cognitive functioning does not require strenuous exercises. Simple exercises like walking, stretching increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and provide the necessary energy for excellent mental performance. Exercising also improves your memory by reversing the drop in your memory capabilities.

These steps guarantee improved performance at work and school. The above hacks calm your mind, lower stress and enhance your memory and learning capabilities. Eating the mental-boosting diets, exercising, and aromatherapy enhance your focus and productivity. You also need to plan and maintain a positive mentality to boost your productivity.

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