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Thank you for visiting our site. My name is Janel, a professional mental health specialist operating in and around Dallas. I have been offering my mental health services for over ten years now, and I am a member of over five professional bodies from all across the globe. One of the main attributes that has helped me to get international recognition is my undying zeal to help people in Dallas and other parts of the world to maintain their mental health. To do this, I have held countless conferences and seminars together with a couple of my friends who are also experts in the facet of mental health.

We established this site with the main goal of disseminating information to our ever growing number of readers. Our main objective is to ensure that everyone is empowered and live life to the fullest knowing the various effects of personal behaviors on personal health.

The site is pretty easy to navigate, our website developer surely did a good job, but if you encounter any problem, please get in touch with us and we will do everything in our powers to help you out. All the articles that you find here are packed with information that is accurate. We take time to verify each fact before publishing it in the posts.

We also have an able customer care team that is always willing to answer questions from our readers. Thank you once again and we look forward to improve your health and wellness.